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Osseous Surgery

Osseous Surgery in Wooster and Medina OH

If you are experiencing bleeding gums, it could be due to gum disease. Dr. James Matia offers effective gum disease treatments for patients using the latest techniques and technology in Akron, OH and surrounding cities.

Bleeding gums could be an indication that bacteria is flourishing between your teeth and gums, which can cause them to become inflamed and infected. Bacteria produce toxins which can destroy bone and create periodontal pockets. In order to make gums healthy again and stop bleeding gums, the bacteria has to be removed.

Osseous or flap surgery is one method that Dr. Matia uses to remove bacteria and treat bleeding gums. This is how the procedure is done:

The infected area is numbed and a small cut is made along the gum line. Dr. Matia then pulls the tissue back until the bone is exposed. The next step is to clean the surface areas of the tooth roots, making sure to remove all of the plaque and tartar. Then the bone is smoothed out to encourage better healing and the bacterial damage is repaired. Now the gum tissue is trimmed and reattached with stitches so that it can heal. A special, putty like bandage is often placed to protect the area until it has healed.


Some soreness following treatment is normal and pain medication can be prescribed, if needed. Eating soft foods is recommended until healing has occurred. Some patients may experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. The teeth may also look a bit longer from having the tissue trimmed. In about ten days, Dr. Matia will remove the stitches (unless he uses those that self-dissolve). He will also want to examine your mouth about a month after surgery to make sure that your gums have healed properly.

If you have bleeding gums, do not ignore it. This could be a sign of gum disease. Call Dr. Matia today for effective gum disease treatment for patients in Akron, OH and surrounding cities.

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